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The wisdom of installing a Camera de videosurveillence in your home

An alarming trend in the growing deterioration in home security is having people up in arms and worried about keeping their families and possessions safe. There is ample evidence that more and more cases of house breaking and worse is happening on a daily basis in almost every country around the world, resulting in home owners looking for ways and means to safeguard themselves from thieves and criminals hell bent on murder and robbery.

Maximizing the security of your home therefore becomes a primary concern especially during night time when the whole world except criminals are sound a sleep. Investing in a camera de videosurveillence therefore should be seriously considered by one and all and especially by residents living in isolated areas where even a call for help goes unheard. Videosurveillance systems installed in business establishments, banks and supermarkets play a major role in fighting against not only theft and crime but are also effective in preventing terrorist attacks or at least identify the perpetrators involved in such acts.

With a number of security systems flooding the market today, all it requires is some research to identify which particular camera de surveillance is most suitable for one’s home security. While every home does not require more than a basic camera for surveillance purposes, locations sensitive to such crimes are recommended to have an advanced videosurveillence system installed to prevent any type of criminal act taking place. One that is very popular and thought to be the best is the digital CCTV camera which can easily monitor and record suspicious activities happening in and around your neighborhood.

Unlike with the past systems that were not capable of identifying suspects due to blurred images and dim backgrounds which was all that these security systems could display, today’s camera de surveillance are highly advanced and has infrared capabilities that makes recording images and backgrounds even in deep darkness a piece of cake. These videosurveillence cameras are so technologically advanced that they can not only identify a criminal but also the clothes he’s wearing and any items he’s carrying with him.

One of the greatest advantages of installing a camera de surveillance is that it not only helps identifying thieves, murderers and rapists once the act is done, it also deters most criminals from attacking innocent people or breaking and entering for fear of being identified through security systems that are installed in homes and in prominent locations. This is quite evident from the number of videosurveillence cameras you now see in airports, train stations, supermarkets and other sensitive areas which in most cases is a deterrent to those hoping to get away even after a petty crime such as bag snatching or picking a pocket.

Once you have a camera de videosurveillence installed in your home or store, you can sleep in peace knowing that you have taken all precautions against crime. If anything unexpected does happen, there are law enforcement personnel trained to monitor these CCTV cameras, and they will waste no time to pounce on the suspects and take them into custody even while you sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

They Just Don’t Understand: Why Advertising Fails on Facebook

The amount of money corporations and marketers have spent to attempt to grasp even just a portion of the potential revenue from the social networking site Facebook, is nearly astronomical. For just about every other avenue, these large conglomerate companies have managed to infiltrate just about every other form of advertising by just slinging a bit of cold hard cash at the guru’s who understand how it works.

In the case of Facebook, it sure seems that “Money Can’t Buy You Love…”

Especially when it comes to advertising. Facebook seems to be such an odd, diverse and interesting collection of people, who are all able to ignore just about all advertising on their pages. Facebook developers have done everything to try and hook users in through games, apps, groups and more, but they just can’t seem to hit that “buy button”.

So what is it that enables to facebook users to get away with only generating only a few cents on the dollar for facebook everyday? They can’t charge, for there are numerous groups of users who have all joined groups suggesting that if facebook ever sought to charge for the social networking platform, that they would stop using facebook.

They also can’t place large annoying adds in the middle of user profiles, for that is one of the many reasons a person chooses to use facebook over Myspace and other networks. It seems as though facebook is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those who understand how facebook works, are pretty much not talking about it and those who want to know how to infiltrate the potential consumerism gold mine that facebook offers, just don’t understand how things work in the world of facebook.

I’m not promising to offer all the keys to this social networking gold mine, but possibly a few tips that might help you, as a business owner, marketer, advertiser or researcher, to understand the missing links to getting attention from facebook users.

First, lets discuss why millions of users enjoy facebook as a social networking platform.

The K.I.S.S. Method (Keep it Simple Stupid)

If people wanted a complex social networking platform, they would join myspace or yuwie. Many do, but as to recent stats, facebook and twitter are the most popular. One of the largest reasons is because it is some simple. They are losing much of that allure as they attempt to upgrade and enhance their platform, but as of right now they are still the most easily navigatible social networks around.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

It’s a simple matter of getting positive reviews. Facebook may have it’s issues, but “all my friends are on there”, or “I prefer another social network, but there are more people to talk to on facebook”. People go where other people are, which is another big reason so many people are on facebook. It’s the one thing facebook really has over all the other networks, combined with the K.I.S.S. method. It’s simple and everybody is already there. So why leave either?

You Can Ignore Advertising

It may not be a benefit for advertisers, but it’s a big benefit in the eyes of individuals who are tired of being considered “consumers” and not individuals. We are people, not cows. If you’d like us to buy something, why not be upfront and honest. Why not offer us something we could truly use, instead of fancy materialistic junk we don’t need nor truly have room for. Why not be innovative and creative with what you have to offer, instead of just focusing on how you advertise the same old boring ideas or ‘things’. Facebook also allows for users to rate the advertising they have seen and don’t want displayed on their pages. This is fun and also allows for some census from facebook. There are not a lot of other sites that allow that sort of thing. If offers users the chance to rate the advertising as “Repetitive, Offensive, Misleading, Uninteresting” and so on.

The Games Are Addicting

This is a major reason why so many people come onto facebook. They have these weird and time consuming little games that range in difficulty and taste and allow us to connect with our fb friends through helping each other complete these tasks. There are only a few problems with these games. 1) Eventually you get burnt out of playing whatever games and pretty much stop playing any of them all together. 2) They are time consuming and it’s easy to not go out and live your life when you’re addicted to a facebook application or game. 3) There is a lot of advertising involved. You may want to continue playing the game, but in order to continue you have to pay, since you’ve already invited your limit of friends and completed your list of point earning tasks. It’s a great thing from the point of view from those making money from the games, but it turns into a bad gambling type habit that American’s neither need nor want.

Awe Inspiring

I recently heard a radio news show discussing a poll that asked people why they choose facebook over other social networks and one of the strongest over all reasons was that people enjoyed the “awe and inspiration” that came from networking with people on facebook. In this year of 2010, two years before the anticipated and dreaded 2012, there are many people getting into the spirit. Whether it’s patriotic, conspiratist or just laugh out loud spew milk through your nose funny. People come from all over the globe to be ‘Awed’ and ‘Inspired’.

These are all great things about facebook and as insignificant as they may seem, they are major reasons that many people join and stick around on facebook. We have now looked at some reasons why facebook is so popular, which is why it is drawing so much attention from those who want to market on it, especially those desperate to replace the dying TV and Radio methods.

Now let’s consider some reasons why advertising and marketing has failed on facebook and some ways that it might improve for the capitalist.

Ad Space

As much as I would hate to see facebook filled up with ads and I am sure many users would agree with me, there is still a lot of unused space that could be utilized on facebook. I might be one of the few that goes looking for adds to rate on my page, but I’ve noticed there are hardly ever any ads when I am on my main user page. They generally pop up on the left of the screen during all other activities while doing any other activity on facebook. When scrolling down the page, it always surprises me that there are only three advertisement there. Not that I am complaining, nor would I like to see the entire left side of the page consumed with advertising and I must give facebook kudos for staying mostly ad free, but 6 or 8 small adds on there that could be rated or looked at, wouldn’t hurt anyone.


This is something facebook gets a definite plus on. Making sure adds stay in a small square on a contained and predictable area of the screen. You don’t have to worry about getting blasted with a high flash seizure inducing advertisement when you go to another page. This is something that advertisers should stick with. One liners or compelling images of their products that attract people. Focus on the true value and necessity of what you offer to people and not on how flashy or truth stretching it is.

Getting Involved

I would dare to say that the majority of those who found advertising easy with TV or Radio, are not happy about continually hearing this, but it is extremely important to get involved with the social networking. This is not your grandma’s traditional gathering of people. They are ending baby boomer’s and several new generations. They are savvy and not easily fooled. It’s easy to spot a business that is just there to sell you something, versus finding a real person behind the advertisement, who wants to help you and add value to your life, even if you don’t buy anything.

I have met a few absolutely awesome entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers who love using facebook to increase their revenue and they have to do nothing more than just be themselves. The truth is, you’re not going to get away with selling junk on facebook. It’s 2010, people can spot a scam when they see one. If you’re trying to market or sell something on facebook, you should be offering a product or services that can pretty much sell itself. If it can’t, that no amount of money in advertising and paying social networkers will enable you to bring in more revenue. It requires more than just the infiltration of the social networks by a paid employee, it requires a caring compassionate person who doesn’t have to lie to make their product look better. Someone who gets involved in others lives as much as they are asking others to get involved in their lives/business.

Use Whats Already There

If you cant beat em, join em. I haven’t noticed very many mainstream marketing utilizing the polling applications on facebook. There are plenty of popular ones that have to the potential to bring in a large census of valuable data, if only you knew how to mine it properly. I won’t give the whole cow away, but I will say that marketers could find more value in their time of posting thought provoking polls that get people thinking, debating and involved.

Offer An Incentive Everyone Wants

This is a hard one, not because it’s hard to tell what people want, but because what people want, changes often. Currently, I would go along with one of two trends. 1) Something that offers independence from government services or adds freedom to our lives. 2) Money.

The second one tends to be easier for most service and product pushers, which can be effective, but only for so long. If the incentive of money isn’t easy to attain and continually getting better for the participator, then it becomes and dull and a waste of time. Offering ways to make real money through rating advertising, talking to friends about products you’ve actually used and had improve your life, getting in touch with other like minded business, taking and creating polls, testing games and applications, writing blogs, notes or reviews. These are all things that facebook users already pretty much do on a regular basis. If they found that they could legitimately make good money doing what they already love to do, without rip offs, scams or truth stretching involved in the middle, then they would be great ways to increase business and to get a foot hold in facebooks unique social world.

If you don’t understand the majority of these concepts, or it seems like to much, or you’re having a hard time implementing these practices in your business, then it might be time to consider a new product, service or idea. Capitalism used to be so much more than just trying to trap or trick the consumer into buying useless things. It used to be about offering products that made our lives better, not lazier. It used to be that the most innovative and easy to attain products where on the “Hot List”, not the coolest new gizmo that hasn’t had any bugs worked out in it and cost more than you make in a week.

Take the time to get involved with the facebook world yourself. Remember what it’s like to just be another person and not just a business owner or advertiser. The sooner you do it, the sooner you will find success. Until you let this concept enlighten you, I’d suggest continuing your research.

THX Tune Up an App to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Home Theatre

If you are a movie lover with a home theatre set up built to give you the best experience you can possibly get then you’ll no doubt know what THX is. Most people should at least remember the logo appearing in the front of movies, for example Star Wars would be an example of this. What THX basically was created for was to provide the audience with the best audio and visual performance from the technology available. The fact it was the brainchild of George Lucas himself gives you an idea of just how high profile it is.

ThX Tune Up is a new app for iOS devices like the iPad to help you tune-up your HDTV to get the most out of it. The only drawback to this is the fact that really you’ll only get the most out of this if you have Apple TV (connects over AirPlay) or an Apple AV Adapter. This of course restricts the advantages of the app quite considerably if you don’t have a way to connect to your television.

The User Interface
The app is fairly simple in what it does, it will send test patterns and signals to your television and this will let you make the required adjustments to make the sound and visual settings fit your needs. It’s simple, but effective when it comes to getting it just right. One of the first drawbacks you’ll notice is if you don’t have Apple TV for AirPlay or the AV Adapter, these adapters can cost around £35/$50 which will be quite a big cost if you’ve not already got one.

The user interface itself is fairly basic. When you load the app up you’ll see the THX logo and a button to press to start the calibration. You’ll be given a video to introduce you to the process then given access to three screens (Equipment, Adjustments and Extras). You’ll find that the Adjustments screen is the one where you’ll get most of the functionality for the calibration process.

Calibrating your HDTV
The first thing you’ll notice is that the sound calibration is fairly basic when compared to the visual side. You’ll be able to do tests to see if the speakers are places right and to get the volume settings more in balance, but really it’s the picture quality where the app shines. With the visual side of the app it will help you with six adjustments Aspect Ratio, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Tint and Review. These adjustments are fairly self-explanatory with Review simply being a test pattern to let you see that the adjustments you’ve made are looking. Help is provided with each screen so it’s an easy process that helps you get the most out of the settings.

For what is a free app there is really little to complain about with the THX Tune-up and working with the iPad it’s easy to use and gets the job done. The problem will of course be if you don’t have AirPlay functionality or an AV adapter to connect to your television. This leads to a big expense you may not be willing to pay, unless you were going to get an adapter in the future anyway. For the audiophiles out there this app may be a little lacking and for people experienced with calibrating their home theatres this may not fit their needs, but for most of us it’s quite a useful tool to get the most out of your HDTV.

Tips To Generate A Aggressive Online Marketing Strategy

Website marketing may be an extremely fascinating issue to get involved with. There are a number of approaches and methods to try out, and many new uses of Web marketing are produced daily. Even though this is exciting, it may also be stress filled for that Website marketing rookie. The following tips will get you completely ready. Offer free gift items with acquisitions. Customers will take pleasure in this. Producing consumers feel happy is often underrated between strategies for Online marketing, so despite the fact that such as cost-free gift ideas with requests might seem costly, in the end possessing repeat organization and loyal clients will probably pay off of.

One method to become an influence or subject-subject specialist is usually to compile a related glossary in your web site. This will aid everybody who sessions your internet site. Anyone that searches for that phrases you determine is going to be sent to your web site, giving you visibility plus a status as being an expert. Generally make it a point to provide beneficial answers to questions potential prospects could possibly have. Guests go to your website simply because they would like to know more, and when you are reluctant to offer the solutions to Soundcloud followers their questions, they will not stick with you. Providing detailed information satisfied their fascination and also improving the possibility they will buy some thing through your internet site.

Copying other online marketers is not going to help you get far in your marketing efforts. The major search engines have obtained significantly better at determining identical content material, and in many cases if you find that copying from other folks works for a bit while, it can be destructive in the end. You can improve your achievements when you are revolutionary with your tactics. One efficient online marketing relocate is always to offer much more special discounts when spending a particular volume. Give folks a 15 percent discounted when they spend more money than $150. Individuals will spend more should they know they could get savings.

Keep special offers and occasions which gets people to your website. You could possibly give you a day time or higher transaction on the $1 e-reserve. Whenever they can come aimed at your website to buy, they may almost certainly browse around to see what other sorts of items you offer. Generally, these folks will depart with over just the e-guide you add on sale. Give people a way to inform you why they didn’t buy something with you. They might have disliked the backup articles, Followers on Soundcloud the assure presented or something that is else.

Use captions less than graphics. Google search techniques check out the textual content of captions to evaluate the relevancy of the site to associated search phrases. With excellent captions on your photos, your web site can increase in search engine ranking positions. Everything you say regarding your products must be real. Provided you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service by way of video tutorials or customer feedback, your prospects will be more likely to have faith in your goods and services. This significantly demonstrates why you need to be marketing merchandise you’ve used.

To reach your goals in operation, it’s crucial to have precise subscriber list that features an most of your potential customers as is possible. You could potentially demand a message street address when acquisitions are produced, or place an enlistment kind directly on your web site. When you have an e-mail checklist, you could use it to provide your prospects promotional discounts, reveal if you are positioning a selling and ask for customer comments. {Utilizing descriptive wording and words that could give fast gratification (or near to it) in a advertising will benefit near every product or service. Talk about how fast your body is, how fast a purchase can be put, how shortly your customer can get the merchandise and the way quickly this product will improve their elemental trader fx day-to-day lives. This simply means your downloading is going to be faster and thus will the shopping process to the customers. }

Web marketing also makes it easier for organizations to focus on their advertising to certain segments from the human population. This is basically the handiest way to stretch a marketing budget. The results of your company’s Internet marketing assets are easy to keep track of, also. Website marketing is the simplest way to promote your company.

To Share or Not To Share: That Is the Conditioning

I recently read a post by psychologist Paul Marsden entitled Why People Share: It’s Social Grooming Baby which describes how socially sharing may be an extension of grooming. However, the urge to share runs deeper than just social grooming. Part of it comes down to the need to be accepted by your peers.

From a purely personal and non-scientifically proven point of view, people post regular status updates firstly, in order to be seen, secondly in order to voice their opinion and thirdly to receive feedback from their social network of friends which counts for the acceptance of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Going one step further, people who are itching to make a post but actually have nothing to say actually research websites quoting the rich, the famous and the powerful in order to take a piece of the credit and attract thought provoking comments and even ‘likes’. After all why do most writers write? Obviously to be read.

What makes this behavior viral is stimulus generalization. Just like training a dog to obey specific whistle commands or the influence children receive from their parents, whether knowingly enforcing rules or unknowingly instilling fears into a child, so too is true for the viral behavior on a Social Network and the need to share. In a family where parents fear dogs, in most cases the children too will share that fear due to an embedded knowledge of the reaction of the people influencing the child’s life. It then becomes ‘normal’ behavior for the child to feel the same fear.

Basing this around the psychology of social sharing, the urge to be recognized as a source of knowledge by their peers, plus the factor that ‘everyone else is doing it’ people are actually being conditioned to share by the new rules of social networking. This is also why people would trust the reviews and recommendations of their friends above bona fide promises of great bargains directly from the mouths of big brands.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Tipping Point’, Gladwell describes how society is made up of certain types of people. One of these types is ‘the influencer’. He then goes on to give the example of Paul Revere’s legendary midnight ride warning people that ‘the British are coming’. Other riders whose names escape me, spread the same message that night. They have not been recorded in history in quite the same way as Revere. What made Revere different? He was an influencer! If Paul Revere would have a Facebook account today, you could pretty much guarantee that any status update would receive an array of comments, interactions and ‘likes’. This is the yearning of everyone who has ever made a post on Facebook. If you don’t believe me, check your friends’ posts and see who receives the most comments and ‘likes’ to see the ‘Influencers’ amongst your social cirlce.

The same applies to brands. Brands can have hundreds, thousands and even millions of fans following them on Facebook. But only brands that successfully manage to influence their fans will find the key to true social interaction. One recommendation to brands who want to be ‘shared’ – post something worth sharing!

The Verizon Anrdoid Tablet Devices With The Best Wireless Technology

There are many features that allows the tablet companies to sustain and compete effectively in the market. In this dynamic competition, constant upgrade with the best features such as the best wireless connectivity for tablets is very important. The Verizon wireless technology certainly have proven to be the best among all where its successful association with the apple products have given a good boost in the market. However, the Verizon Android Tablet PCs are not far behind in the competition as well with its 4G wireless technology that many companies using the android tablets such as Samsung or Kindle are being benefited as well.

Certainly, 4G is a revolution in the wireless internet technology, taking over its successor of 3G internet that also did a good job for quite a while. However, it is time for the internet service to go to the next level of fast connectivity where 4G have stepped in successfully making an ideal internet connection for the tablet devices. Although many tablet companies have not included this feature in their products where they are still focusing on the Wi-Fi connectivity. The shortcomings of the Wi-Fi technology is that, it will only work at places where there is a Wi-Fi service available and therefore the tabs users will not be able to use internet outside of those Wi-Fi zones. Wi-Fi ensures the fastest mobile internet as we all know, but 4G through its revolutionary marketing attempts to provide the fast internet as good as Wi-Fi may become handy for users who use the 4G enables tablet devices. Therefore, here is a look at few of such tablet devices mainly using the Android operating system that has enabled 4G technology from Verizon so far.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 by Kārlis Dambrāns

Attribution-NonCommercial License

One of the main reasons behind this products success is its 4G wireless technology from Verizon ensuring an amazingly fast internet service anywhere in America. It has also been reported that this 4G technology is even faster than the Wi-Fi speed which can be termed as an amazing achievement from Verizon and Samsung as well. The tablet runs on the latest Android Honeycomb operating system where using the 4G internet allows the users to download application from Google Play at a very speedy rate.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ A-1
This is a very expansive 10.1 inches tablet device that has an effective 4G wireless connection availability from Verizon. It also has strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity where this product is made especially for business uses for an effective video conference. Certainly, many users can hold video meetings efficiently and smoothly anywhere in America using the fast 4G technology where Wi-Fi may not be available.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Attribution-NonCommercial License

This is a 8.9 inches tablet device as the name suggests with a very fast 1.5 GHz OMAP4470 processor running on the Amazon Android 4.0 operating system. However, the intriguing factor of this tablet device is certainly the 4G internet speed supported by the Verizon wireless technology. Its blazing speedy internet service with fast processor performance have certainly given a product a good edge and have received great popularity among the tablet users that seek fast internet service at any place in America whenever they are on the go from one place to another. It is time for other tablet companies using the android operating system to add 4G wireless technology in their devices as well to gain more market share and have great feedbacks from customer in terms of effective internet connectivity.

Tomb Raider 2012 a Remake to the Old Lara

Ever since Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced that they were remaking Tomb Raider gamers interest has been peaked. Lara Croft is one of the biggest stars in the gaming world with her history as one of the most popular and one of the first female heroes to make an impact. Now that her character is going to be going through a total redesign though is this what gamers want?

Controversy has hit, especially with rumours about story changes regarding her life but now that official statements have been made these seem to have passed, especially with the news that Rhiannon Pratchett is officially the lead writer of the story. In the gaming world this is big news as Rhiannon is an excellent writer with examples like Overlord II under her belt. The story may be strong, but the main question will always be, will this be the Tomb Raider we expect and will the remake be worth it? Or will Lara’s fans be alienated.

The big difference in the plot that will be noticeable is that we are going into the backstory of Lara and starting when she is twenty one years old. This is going to be a time when she is trying to “find herself” and who she is in the world. As we know the original story was that her parents had been killed leaving her very rich and with a thirst for archaeology, of course like her parents. In the new version Lara finds herself shipwrecked on an island, not the badass as we once knew her but an untrained young woman who has to learn to survive, all this while being injured from the sinking of the ship.

In this version of Tomb raider they have gone for a story that is about survival and from footage shown this has been compared to survival horror in a way. The constant feel of peril and set pieces where Lara has to fight for her life gives a huge change from how the original was set, yes she had to survive but the dangers were not to this extent.

Of course at this point in time the main character that has been revealed to us is Lara Croft herself. This will be the character who if anything decides the success of the game. Lara has quite a history with gamers, especially Sony fans as their console grew with her as her games progressed. Tomb Raider was one of the big titles of the Playstation so there is a lot riding on her as a character. Another character that has been introduced is that of Conrad Roth, the captain of the ship that has become wrecked. He works as the mentor for Lara and offers advice at different points in the game.

From the gameplay it’s obvious that Tomb Raider is looking to Uncharted for its inspiration for gameplay. This may not be a bad thing of course because it’s a formula that does work. Old school gamers though may not be happy with this as Tomb Raider originally was more free roaming where Uncharted is quite strict at times with the playing areas.

The main Uncharted influences in the gameplay seem to be more in set pieces than anything and this is of course a good thing, most of Uncharted’s best scenes are in this type of scenario where the correct button presses save Drake from impending doom. To create the feel of danger for Lara this type of interface is used and used successfully. It may not be to all Tomb Raider fans tastes but for what the new Tomb Raider is aiming for, it fits the bill.

Each level in the game is free roaming with a HQ point and the world based around it. You can hunt, explore and upgrade your weaponry from this point and this is your point of safety. Lara is able to upgrade her abilities in an RPG type way, improving herself so that she can fight greater enemies. This is of course something that most gamers are used to.

Gamers can be hard to please and they have already shown this where it comes to the remake of Tomb Raider. If the fans can be won over though this version of the Lara Croft story does have real potential and for neutral fans this is definitely a game that could live up to expectations. The route that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have taken with this is going to put Tomb Raider up against Uncharted, so they will have to be ready for a fight as Naughty Dog are one company who won’t give up their crown with Uncharted without a fight.

Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 – 2015 With Best Samrtphones Offers

Here you can find 10 Best Android phones In 2014 – 2015 With Best Android smart phones Mobile Offers . In this latest android phones available with dual sim also For the young android smartphones lovers . here we will guide you a Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 – 2015 it will help to you take review on all latest phones . this is list of smartphones working on the android Operating system it will help you to Find best stand out of the crowd, In this we covered New the specification of new android mobile winch will coming on 2014 2015 coming years with include best price and pictures of best android smart phones phones in . Given below smartphones are The world Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 based on feature and rates and aso user reviews so it will useful to get some idea about the top most smartphones in android in coming year 2014 . if you interested you can share this Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 blog with your friends so for that they can have some idea about this to make discucess about this smartphones in android .

Full List of Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 -2015
Samsung galaxy s5

Google Nexus 5

HTC One Android Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Sony Xperia Z1

Samsung Galaxy S4: Mini


Galaxy Note 2

Sony Xperia Z Ultra


galaxy s3

Full details about Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 – 2015

1 ) Samsung galaxy s5 Android phones Features and reviews and price

If you want plan to buy best android smartphone then here Samsung galaxy 5 i the top one because it is the one of the best phone in Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 . Samsung Galaxy S4 released in six months Before and now all are looking and taking about that Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy S5 as early as January 2014 .

Coming to review of Samsung s5 it have Good features with flexible screens have been announced by both Samsung First preference is given to more or less designed to gauge Samsung user interest and Samsung will made this Samsung s5 for the based on user requirement . The new Samsung Galaxy S5 would come with a Big screen with 5.5-inch OLED supports a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, which gives it a pixel density of 560 ppi .if you want search best android phone it will be the best one for your Choice because now in android smartphone it is top and best phone so far in the present market based on user review and android smartphone lovers opinion .

Processor of The Galaxy S5 will likely feature a 64-bit .

2 ) Google Nexus 5 is One of the best Android phones In 2014:

For this coming year 2014 google give a gift in the way of Google nexus 5 . it is already in the market . Google is Now Enter into Android smartphone market with name called as Google Nexus 5 Android smartphone . so here you can the best specification of Google Nexus 5 smartphone . it will available in QUALCOMM Processor type withe 2260.0 MHz Processor speed coming to Requirements of Google Nexus 5 is have Operating System Compatibility in Android . it have excellent Display with Display size is 4.95 inches . it have some general Dimensions like Width is 2.72 inches and Depth is 0.34 inches and Height is 5.43 inches , Weight is 4.8 pounds. Coming to height of this android smartphone in 2014 2015 it have Crisp, sharp display and Comes with the latest version of Android . we will give some advice to buy this mobile if you want search like Top ten Best Android phones In 2014 – 2015 . Unlocked and affordable . coming to drawback of this Android smartphone are Boring design , Low-light photos hit or miss .

3) HTC One is best Android phones In 2014 :

Thee is no Doubt on HTC One android smartphone it is the one of the Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 Coming to PROS of htc smartphone is The Phone feels great in hand with Ultra-high resolution display looks amazing and it have Camera excels at taking low-light photos.coming to drawback of this android smartphone are the Volume and power buttons can be hard to locate and Blink Feed can’t be disabled. HTc one available With its stellar design, hardy processor, the HTC One is the phone to beat and great camera .

Htc Android Mobile Specification are Good it have Processor type available in Quad-core with 1700.0 MHz Processor speed . Memory size Of this smartphone is 2048.0 MB coming to Display The htc display size 4.7 inches with Display type LCD Display Touchscreen With Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and it have Storage Of Internal Memory is 32768.0 MB It have other features like Bluetooth ,DLNA ,Infrared ,Wireless connection ,Cell Carrier ,ATT ,Sprint ,T-Mobile ,Unlocked 3G ,4G ,Bluetooth ,Carrier ,Wi-Fi ,USB .

4 ) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is best Android phone In 2014:

If you search Top 10 Best and top android smartphone in 2014 then This is one of the option for the best android phones list . Coming to specification of this It have Good and Long battery life . this andriod smartphone have S-Pen is plenty useful if you like wielding a stylus Coming to CONS it have Bundled with Samsung’s own apps and extra features that you may never use and Same plasticky chassis as its predecessors.

5) LG G2 is best Android phones In 2014 : this is also one of the best android phone to buy out of Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 because it is avaible in Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Screen Size 5.2 Inches and it have Camera with 13MP with a 2.1 MP front camera . its LG G2 Price in India Rs 48,500/- for 16GB and Rs. 51,000/- for 32GB so it is also one fo the best price in Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 .it LG G2 have RAM 2GB with Internal Memory 16/32 GB .

6) Sony Xperia Z1 is best Android phones In 2014 :

If you are searching for Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 here is the alternative choice is Sony Xperia Z1 andriod smartphone It will come with Dimensions in 144.4 x 73.9 x 8.5 mm with Weight: 6 oz (170 g) and Screen Size/Resolution available from are inches/1080 x 1920 pixels . it containe the features like Quad core, 2200 MHz, Krait 400,Memory is 2048 MB RAM and it is one of the best Camera Resolution with 20.7 megapixels its is best camera out of all Top 10 Best Android phones In 2014 list so if you want best camera you can choose this phone .

7) Samsung Galaxy S4: Mini

this phone total Weight is 3.77 oz (107 g) with Screen Size/Resolution 4.3 inches/540 x 960 pixels it have Dual core, 1700 MHz, Krait 300 and coming with Memory size 1536 MB RAM , Built in Storage/Expansionis 8 GB/Expanded. if you are loving best andriod phone is Samsung this is one of the best phone in 2014 .

8) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of The best Android phones In 2014

it have Weight: 6.42 oz (182 g) with Screen Size/Resolution: 5.5 inches/720 x 1280 pixels and it have Battery Talk Time/Standby: 35 hours/40.8 days . it othe feature like Quad core, 1600 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9 ,Memory size 2048 MB RAM .this si old phone but it is also availbe in 2014 market .

9) Sony Xperia Z Ultra :

this is best android phone in sony which is also available in 2014 years if you want plan a a mobile in sony with android os this one of the best smart android phone available in next year 2014 .it feature are Camera with 8 megapixel camera fast-capture camera , Display with 6.4 inches TFT .

10) Samsung galaxy s3: this one of the best phone from samsung you can like this mobile you will buy this mobile

Final point :

If you read all above matter you can get some point in mind on the Top ten Best Android phones In 2014 so you will cheek it once again from show room then you make some decision to buy based on your requirement .

Top 5 Reasons Why Free Online Games Are Immensely Popular

Do you extremely feel bored once operating for hours on your laptop or laptop? Billions of individuals feel that they have to require a possibility from their work and have some fun before they’ll retreat to to their work. However, it’d be too time intense if you act and take a walk and are available back to your table. this can be why majority of the folks nowadays opt to play their favorite games on the web so they’ll forever take a couple of minutes break each currently then after they get a chance. The demand at no cost on-line games has fully grown over a amount of your time and nowadays they’re everywhere the net. Here we have a tendency to take a fast investigate thusme reasons why free on-line games square measure so productive.

Top five Reasons Why Free on-line Games square measure vastly widespread

Free – The word free instantly attracts legion folks around it and there square measure many folks that will wish to attempt these games as a result of they don’t ought to pay something for it. There square measure some sites that do charge one-time fee for registration whereas there square measure different vice sites that do charge fees for each game that players need to play. However, the demand at no cost on-line games have forever remained within the market as a result of it permits users to play games with none registration procedure

No transfer – folks nowadays need to form certain that they’ll play games instantly and from any location and so they are going at no cost browser based mostly on-line games that require no downloads or installation in the least. These games square measure out there on-line and so you’ll be able to kind within the web site address and click on on the sport and begin taking part in. Most of those games square measure flash based mostly games and so they provide similar graphics and sound effects that may build the vice expertise higher.

classic games

Variety – Downloading too several games on your disc drive will place heap of load on the memory of your laptop which will even have an effect on the performance of your laptop. most of the people nowadays need to form certain that they play games on-line as a result of they’ll get wide range of games at identical location. These on-line free games square measure out there in Brobdingnagian selection and so it appeals to boys and women equally. If you’re not too curious about trendy modern games you’ll be able to conjointly look out for traditional games that may inform you of the good games that after dominated the vice section.

Multi-Player – whereas some players like to play single player games there square measure several gamers that like to play multi-player games instead of taking part in against the pc which may not provide identical reasonably vice pleasure. These free on-line games provide multi-player choices and so players across the globe will contend against one another to ascertain their ascendancy.

Social Media Enabled – several free online games nowadays have choices to play together with your social networking friends and that they conjointly permits you to post your scores on your Facebook and Twitter profile which implies currently you’ll be able to share all the vice data right your social networking profile for others to envision and share.

Top 5 Windows Anti virus

We invest hugely on our computers and laptops. We innately have the quality of protecting each of the instruments with good care inorder to ensure its longevity. Computers and laptops do not only require physical care but they should be protected from all the possible dangers. Since we are online 24/7, we tend to browse n number of websites on day to day basis by which there is a chance of downloading malwares, viruses into our desktop PCs, computers and laptops. Once the system is corrupted by malwares or viruses it becomes a tough job to retrieve the information stored. It becomes mandatory to protect our systems using anti-virus software to avoid the unnecessary consequences. If you are looking for best anti-virussoftwares for windows here is the comprehensive list of top 5 anti-virus softwares for your assistance.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Kaspersky internet security is the most widely used anti-virus software for computer systems using windows OS. In the AV-Test analysis test, Kaspersky internet security showed best results in removing malwares and viruses from various harmful internet websites. If you are looking for best fit, cost effective anti-virus security system for your laptops and computers which runs in windows, our primary suggestion is Kaspersky internet security

VIPRE Antivirus – this is the most awarded antivirus windows software. VIPRE antivirus windows software is globally accredited and used by millions of users. VIPR antivirus software certified to be the best antivirus software for windows systems. You could get the edge of working in a malware free computer system by using this exceptional windows antivirus software.

Norton Internet Security – Norton internet security is also the most important antivirus software when it comes to windows systems. It has excellent performance and Norton internet security products are always striving to improve, get better and better year on year. This antivirus software is the best bet if you are looking for windows antivirus softwares that provide excellent performance in detecting malwares, viruses and removing them effectively.

Zone alarm extreme prevention –This antivirus software is worthful in all it means. Zone alarm extreme security is most preferred antivirus software by most of the windows PC, laptop users worldwide. This software has specialized security systems in terms of malware detection and removal as well as intrusion prevention mechanism. Zone alarm extreme prevention assist in obtaining online backup of data and it comes with whole drive encryption for data protection. You could retrieve the data even in case of your computer is lost or stolen.

AVG Internet Security – This is one of the most widely used, efficient antivirus software for windows computers. AVG internet security is highly powerful when it comes to online malware detection and removal. If your browsing activity is very less than email accessing, you could always go for AVG internet security which gives complete protection against malwares downloaded or passed via emails. AVG internet security antivirus softwares do a pretty well job in new or existing malware detection and removal. Since it is user friendly with good performance, you could try AVG internet security for guarding against malwares, viruses and other harmful factors.