Developer : A Crowd of Monsters

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Steam (Coming soon to Xbox One)

Eliot Ness, the former leader of the legendary Untouchables, wished only to spend the rest of his days working in his diner, not dwelling too much on the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into. But things rarely go as planned.

When children suddenly start to disappear and the police just simply a blind eye, Eliot decides to take the law into his own hands, track down the culprit and bring him to justice by any means necessary, even if he has to abandon his dreams of a peaceful life and again get embroiled in shootouts with the usual array of assassins and hoodlums.

By: Mitchell Cole

Blues and Bullets is an Episodic, Point and Click title (as many are quickly becoming) that spins its own touch onto the crowding genre. Episode 1: The End of Peace is a great addition to your library, PC/Steam owners. While the game itself is not without a couple of minor flaws, Blues and Bullets shows early that it wants to be a contender for your money and maybe you should let it and get to know the game. Eliot Ness, Al Capone, and the legends of the Untouchables have always held a small fascination for me and developers, A Crowd of Monsters, crafted a masterful story continuing a saga began in 1929.

Twenty years have passed since Al Capone was put behind bars and Eliot Ness has done his best to put the past…in the past. The game itself starts with a brief opening rife with important plot details of the case you will end up taking. Numerous children have disappeared and police have not been able to catch a break. And on top of all that, Al Capone has been released from prison and his granddaughter is one of those missing little girls. Who’s a guy like Capone to call? Well, Eliot Ness of course. The story is a huge draw for gamers and I cannot stress enough just how well the story develops. I have played many Point and Click games and a good story is a must. Blues and Bullets offers that and then some. Direct Eliot as he unravels the clues to track down those responsible for this act of pure evil.

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With a title like Blues and Bullets, you could only hope the game would include a great soundtrack that helps move the story along. Rest assured, A Crowd of Monsters provides an appropriate and moody soundtrack that left me humming the tunes even after done playing. (Oh, and for the bullets part; yea, Blues and Bullets offers you that option too at one point in the game.)

Graphically, Blues and Bullets looks the part and delivers in the most important areas. Only the pickiest could pick apart the noir, shaded look. Created with the Unity engine, A Crowd of Monsters made excellent use of their budget and left me properly awed in the final scenes especially.

While I sing the praise of Blues and Bullets, I feel I must also be fair and address a few minor issues that I took from Episode 1. Controlling Eliot Ness is a slow, arduous task that never felt comfortable nor smooth. His movements are slow whether walking or running. And although the graphics are more than enough, there were at times, pop-up and cut-in issues where some common item would magically appear along the wall. Nothing huge here but a few issues that couldn’t go without saying. I had one issue where the music started blaring over all the audio and I could not hear what was being spoken. No matter when I changed the music audio all the way down, the music still blared on. After restarting, the problem never happened again. (fingers crossed when Episode 2 comes out)

A Fair Shake

In such a crowded genre as Point and Click, every great game needs to be shared if possible. PC/Steam owners should not miss out on Episode 1: The End of Peace. With very few wrongs and a strong lineup of rights, Blues and Bullets more than satisfied me and left me on the edge of my seat at the end. Make no mistake, when Episode 2 is released, I will own that and share here as well! You should try this one out first, tell me how right I was, and then get ready for Episode 2 coming soon!

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