In this guide I will be building an AMD system.

Computer Case – $180

The computer case stores all of your computer components. I recommended that your case has 2-3 fans to keep the air flowing. Get only a full tower for builds with a video card. Medium sized towers will be problematic.

Motherboard – $145

This is actually the motherboard I currently own. My previous motherboard (MSI 870A-G54) proved that it can’t handle a 6-core CPU under intensive load for long periods of time. This motherboard seems to be having no problems so far (3 months).

This motherboard supports up to 32GB of RAM (DDR3 up to 1866 Mhz) which is one of the reasons I went for it. This motherboard has no on-board video, which didn’t matter to me because I have a great video card.

Processor – $167

You will need a processor that matches your socket type. This motherboard has a socket type AM3+. That means it supports AM3, and also AM3+. So here the recommended processor you can buy.

This processor operates at 3.1GHz with a 4.0GHz max turbo frequency. Multiply that by 8 cores and you can imagine that this is one powerful processor. This processor features 4 x 2MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache.

Video Card – $253

The last thing you want to cheap out on is the video card. The video card is responsible for smooth and faster rendering. The better the video card, the smoother the game play (the frames-per-second metric will reflect it). It’s important that your video card can handle the intensive gaming. This is one of the items you want to overpay (instead of underpay).

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This video card features 2 DVI outputs, HDMI, as well as MiniDP. This card can tackle the newest games out there with ease. 2 large fans will keep your video card cool and running smoothly. You could, alternatively, go for an NVIDIA – GeForce GTX 460 1GB ]. They are about the same price.

Memory – $94

A running game nowadays could easily take up as much as 1.5GB of memory. Add to that the overhead of running an operating system and the background programs, you can imagine that 4GB of memory would not be enough for a system like this. I recommend at least 8GB of memory, but since it’s so cheap (and this is a great build) we’re going to include 16GB.

That’s 16GB of RAM right there under $100.

Power Supply (PSU) – $110

You want enough juice to run your entire system (motherboard, CPU, memory, video card, hard drive) without problems. For that you need a great supply of power. I would say 600W is enough, but you can never have too much. I’m going to recommend a 750W power supply because you do have a powerful system.

This makes sure your system has enough juice to make sure your power supply doesn’t burn out. You could cheap out and go for a 500W power supply for $75, and it would probably still handle your computer. But why would you? This one looks so much cooler.

Hard Drive – $90

For a hard drive, I would recommend anything equal to or above 500GB, with at LEAST 7200RPM. Don’t go for 5200RPM or less! You want your games to load fast. For extremely fast loading speeds you could get a solid state drive. But that’s only if you want to spend additional money. You still need a regular hard drive where you’re going to store all the 1000s of awesome pictures of your computer!

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Here my recommendation.

It’s 1TB, 7200RPM, and also 64MB of cache. It’s great for just about anything you do on the computer.

At this point the only main thing you’re missing is a DVD drive.

DVD-ROM Drive – $26

Only thing to keep in mind is that your DVD ROM Drive NEEDS to have SATA connector. If it has one of those old school 30,000 pin connectors, you won’t get it to work.

And we’re done. Let’s recap what we’ve got.

TOTAL: $1,065