Lester has a less-than-pleasant task for Franklin. He wants to murder someone in order to get control of the capital exchange. Franklin’s résumé does not involve assassination in order to wreak havoc on businesses, but hey, he has to start somewhere. Prepare to enter one of the most shady professions on the world.

– Assume Franklin’s role. Lester will contact you soon. He seems to be employed.
– Del Perro Beach is an excellent destination. The waypoint is just across from a café.
– Follow the instructions to the hotel on the mini-map. It is highly suggested that you purchase a Sniper Rifle or a Sticky Bomb for this project; if you do not have one for Franklin, check out the Ammu-Nation a block away.
– Enter the hotel’s subterranean garage. The waypoint is situated on the ground level, in a wheelchair-accessible location.

When you initially arrive at the hotel, the objective will be hidden since he has already checked out. You must first wait till the countdown expires before attempting to take him down. There are many ways to do this.

A shooting rampage occurred. If you’re feeling really unimaginative, you should actually wait for him to arrive before opening fire. If you’re going to commit this kind of murder, you’re going to have to fend off the guy’s bodyguards.

It’s detonating. Purchase a couple Sticky Explosives and place one underneath the guy’s black car by sneaking up to the front of the building. Ascertain that the explosive is planted underneath the vehicle; if it is placed on the sides, one of the bodyguards will discover it prior to the charge activating. Once the person is in view, you may even toss or launch a grenade, although both actions would attract considerable attention.

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Grand Theft Auto V: Hotel Assassination Walkthrough

Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle. Snipping is the most elegant and, ultimately, the most effective method of eliminating the guy. Transfer to one of the higher levels of the parking garage and fix your gaze on the front door. Aim for the guys dressed in pink.

Regardless of your method of execution, you must safeguard your cover. When scouting the hotel, keep a safe distance from the front doors to avoid alerting the guards, and exit immediately once the murder is accomplished. If you are discovered, you will be pursued until you recover your anonymity. Spend no time searching for a getaway vehicle; instead, spin around and race to the other end of the parking garage, dive onto the sidewalk, and sprint back to the highway. The objective will be accomplished when you reach the other side (aim for the building with the green sign at the intersection).

Complete the objective in 15:30 minutes. This should not be difficult if done correctly the first time.

Sniper Boy – Use a Sniper Rifle to assassinate your target. As long as you avoid firing from the first level of the parking garage, where you will be more visible, this is a prudent weapon choice.

Earned money – a total of $9,000. The amount you get is determined on the circumstances surrounding the assassination. Make every effort to get the best performance possible.

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