As a blogger I always wonder for the sources to drive new traffic to my blog in an easy way with out any cost. A few days back I came through a blog post, that says , ‘how to get traffic from Stumbleupon‘.

Stumbleuponis an innovative social content sharing website, that provides an opportunity to it’s users to share any web content ( Text/Images/Videos/PDF etc) with the rest of people.

The theme of this website is, whenever a person stumbles a category, he will be able to see the posts shared by other members in that category. In every category there are more than one million followers, that means you have the potential to reach that maximum amount. But, don’t expect high if you only share your own content. Stumbleupon has a rule that it’s users can not use them for drividing traffic to their blogs , however you can promote some of your posts which are valuable to their community. So, promote contents of other websites as well as your content to get the maximum benefits from stumbleupon.

How To Get Traffic From Stumbleupon ?

Now you came to the right place, which may help you find an answer for the above question. You can’t get the traffic immediately after registering at stumbleupon , infact you need to follow a simple strategy to drive traffic from stumbleupon.

I have listed some important factors that effect on your stumbleupon traffic, which you can follow blindly.

Sharing Posts At Stumbleupon :

As I already said you should not share only your’s content, but try to post content from other websites and blogs. Stumbleupon will mark you as a spammer when you reach the maximum level of submitting content from a single domain, I think it’s not a problem to promote one post of your’s per day.

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I learned from my two months experience that only hot topics do well at stumbleupon, mean while controversial contents perform the same. Especially the latest buzz on celebrities works fine with stumbleupon.

Stumbleupon Traffic Depends On Votes :

The amount of traffic you recieve to each of your posts directly depends on the number of up votes your content gets through other users. For example, If you have the potential to get around 30 votes for your post, it is likely to get 1000 page views.

But, how to gain more votes for your post ? If you can get more followers at stumbleupon, you can get votes from them. Stumbleupon allows you to follow 25 new people everyday, So If you can get more followers back , it worths a lot for you.

Use Link Shortener :
Everytime when we share a post in twitter, we shorten it’s link. If you use to shorten your links, there will be a stumbleupon bar appears above the banner. It not only helps you get new followers , but also generates more votes for your tweeted post, as a result the amount of traffic is more.

Negative Points Of Stumbleupon :
So far I wrote ‘How to get traffic from Stumbleupon‘, but now I decided to reveal the minus points of using stumbleupon.Most of their users just reads the post title and quits the page with in ten seconds , which means you can not generate high advertisement revenue with pay per click programs such as Google adsense . Anyhow, you gets a little benefit with stumbleupon freely, which is more than better for you .

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The other minus point is not all people get success with them due to a simple unknowingly did mistake.

Participate In Other’s Posts :

The other idea to get traffic from Stumbleupon is to like or up vote the posts of others, So that atleast half of them may return the favor to you back. Believe me, the only way to drive traffic from stumbleupon is to get more and more up votes for your submissions, regardless of any time limit. I have seen many posts here are getting over millions of page views due to the large number of upvotes. When a person upvote you page, all his followers will get a notification of your post, so it is a best strategy to connect with the people who have lots of followers.

Many people have already got the sweat memories with stumbleupon, now it’s yours toss to decide about it. If you can follow all the above said, you can easily get traffic from stumbleupon.