Having multiple ways to hold a conversation, creates more curiosity in the mind of a woman. She’ll be thinking to himself: “I wonder what he is going to say now?” This keeps her curious, and drive the biggest enemy and the biggest problem to a woman: boredom. You can not be “The most interesting man in the world” if you have a potato stuck in your mouth all the time.Lets start – here are the top 5 ways to have a conversation:

1. Ask questions that are unthreatening and genuine
Most women resist games, tactics or strange language of the boys. If you try any of these tricks and are not consistent with her personality, at best you’re probably a bad start – and at worst, she is mentally boar. The best way to set yourself apart from other individuals is authentic questions … no agenda or ulterior motive. A woman has to trust and feel safe around you before you’re willing to spend more time in conversation. Real men have the confidence to express their views and have genuine questions.

2. Observe and be perceptive
When you get into the habit of paying attention to your surroundings – people, places and things – you will never run out of things to say. Rare is the man who actually does this, and is a very attractive feature for women. Just make sure that what you say is accurate and true, and you do not have an agenda behind it. Women are built, finely tuned BS detectors, and if she feels she is not being honest with her (or you’re saying something just to get her into bed) … it’s game over, and you’re done.

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3. Do not let them see you sweat, keep it light
Most women spend much time worrying about any number of topics. A guy who can keep his mind off the worries of the world is someone who will want to spend more time with. Big screen badasses like Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone or John Wayne never seemed concerned, and were able to handle any situation that came up. They added an occasional dose of good humour to show they were in control. A woman goes social to follow suit, depending on how you feel and make you feel. Women like being around guys that make them feel safe and secure – and you can do this by staying calm, cool and relaxed.

4. Be an active listener
One of the best ways to keep a conversation is not being the smoothest talker, or monopolize the conversation – but being the best listener. This may not be easy or natural at first – especially if you are an extrovert, or are nervous in social situations. Even if you have to bite your tongue waiting for someone to finish their thoughts or ideas, do it. People like other people who allow them to speak, and women are respected and respects more. Practice being an active listener, you’ll be more relaxed in all social situations.

5. Being “present” at the time
As individuals, we can think of a lot of things: The idiot that separate us in traffic … what time tonight’s game starts … or what band is playing this weekend – and not focus on the right of the person or the situation in front of us. We tend to be “in our heads”, or nervous, thinking about what he has or could happen – or what an attractive woman may think of us. This mental chatter prevents you from being truly focused on the person or the conversation in question. For women this is called being “present” and is absolutely huge.

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A friend of mine said: “Being present is all.” This means that you are actually engaged in a conversation, giving and giving genuine feedback. You are not nodding like a bobble head doll, without thinking or saying “uh-huh” or “yes” every so often. Women are not fooled at all when you do this. You’ll appear lazy or apathetic, and she definitely will not think you’re a tough guy.

Like anything, you have to put in the time and effort to develop this skill – but the benefits in better business and personal relationships is enormous. It is the social equivalent of hitting a jackpot millionaire in Las Vegas.

Conversation is one of the skills needed to be a tough guy with women. If you try to learn these skills and attitudes on your own without any guidance, you’re in for a long trip ego bruising. Do not try to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to your social life. I do not believe in gimmicks, games or tricks (which always fail in the long run). I believe in good, solid information that can help you become uncommon man can attract – and keep – a quality woman in your life.