The Great

Kouzzina and Cali Grill: Both meals were spectacular.
The rooms: This was my first stay in DVC and we had a 2br. I may never go back to a studio again as the extra space was perfect after a long day.
Mother’s Day: We brought my Mom and my wife’s G-Mom with us and not only had a great time with them but actually planned a special event I will tell you more about (it’s a tease to keep you coming back for more people)

The Terrible

Flights: Both ways including sitting on a plane for 2 hours before switching to a new one and a lack of jetway upon landing
Monorail: Multiple stops and delays evertime we were on one.
The Heat: It was sooo hot it was almost funny.

The Good and Bad

Nanny: Brining my wife’s grandmother along proved to be both good and bad. She seemed to have a great time as the kids did with her, but she blew our scheduling to shreds much to her own demise. We had planned a lot of downtime knowing she was coming but we ended up missing much of it and the things we wanted to do because of slow starts and pride.

A full trip report to come later with pictures and stories including pictures of the test track lounge and of the Mother’s Day suprise, so stay tuned.

In the mean time, I will expand my “The Good and Bad” thoughts on the above.

We brought my wife’s grandmother along (Nanny) and she had a great time. So did we. I just want to make it clear that I do not for one second regret bringing her along and we will all cherish the memories made on this vacation.

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That said, I want to expound a little on the bad I was referring to. It bascially came down to two things:

The first was just pure exhaustion. Anyone who has been to WDW can surely appreciate that and for a great grandmother it is obviously amplified. We knew this was going to be an issue so we wanted to get her a wheel chair which she refused to accept for the first two days. Then, once we got her one, she would often refuse to sit in it for one of two reasons. Either it was the morning so she felt fine and wanted to walk or my 11 yo would make any comment about being hot or tired and she would hop right out and insist on pushing her instead. There was no arguing with her about either of these things. Both of course resulted in her being exhausted by the end of the day despite the wheelchair and she ended up missing two breakfasts (which I had already paid for on the DDxP) and one of the park days.

We even took a picture of how ridiculous it seemed.

The second was getting to rope drop. This may not sound like a big deal, but considering how I planned this trip, it was. You see, I knew she would be tired (hence the reason we wanted to get the wheelchair) and I set up to have a lot of down time in the room or by the pool so we wouldn’t push her too much. That was all predicated on hitting rope drop so we could get done the rides much faster.

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You see, as long as I have known Nanny, she has been the type to wake up early….like 5am early. I figured she would be a little later based on being tired, but getting up wasn’t necessarily the problem.

The first day we told her we needed to be out the door by 8:30 to catch the monorail so what time did she need to get up. She said 7:30. She got up at 7:30 and we didn’t leave until 9:45 despite all the rest of us being ready at 8:15. I chalked it up to a rough morning based on our flying troubles the night before (more to come on that).

So the next morning she gets up 2 hours before we need to leave. Still late. The pattern continued every morning. It had nothing to do with her getting up, just getting ready. She was even late for her 10am massage in the hotel. I got up at 6:30 that morning and she was already up.

The issue was she would just not get ready. She would drink coffee and talk to the kids and watch TV and not start getting ready until 30 minutes before we had to leave, and it took her much longer than 30 to get ready.

What happened was it ended up cutting out a bunch of rides and a bunch of relax time because we were waiting in longs lines and dragging from being there during the hottest part of a 95 degree day instead of back at the hotel like I had planned.

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So that is my long rambling issue. More to come later.