In the gaming world the console is a strange beast at times. The power that it can provide to games is like a wave. When first released the console has huge potential, the power it gives is often beyond the capabilities of the games that are being output. Then as the games catch up to the technology the console reaches its high point and sales are at their peak, people argue which is the best and everybody is happy. Then comes the point when the power they provide don’t match the need of the users or the games and people wait for the new version to come out. This is arguably where we are at right now as news starts to trickle in about the next versions of the Xbox and the Playstation 3. How does Sony respond? They give us a slimmer version of the Playstation 3 with a slimmer design.

This is coming to consumers just in time for Christmas so it’s obvious what Sony are trying to do, they want people to buy a new version of their console and Christmas is the perfect time to catch their interest. The problem is, when we all want more news on the Playstation 4 do we really need yet another slimmer than “the slim” version of the PS3? Or is it just kicking a dying horse to get a few more miles from it.

This is the first very obvious change for the PS3, it looks different. The actual look does harken back to the original design of the PS3 when it first came out, but without that shiny finish. Another big difference is that to load in games you actually have to slide the top of the PS3 to the side; this is released by the press of a button.

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Sony also state that the internal architecture has also been redesigned to make the unit itself both lighter and smaller which is good and does lead the actual console to being more moveable, even being able to put it in a bag and carry it around, but it’s hardly something you’ll want to do often. This could be a case that it looks good but is there a point to it?

Connections do appear to have stayed the same as the previous version. Two USB ports on the front connect the controllers while on the back you have the power input, HDMI connection, digital out, Ethernet and AV output. No changes have been made here.

Inside the box itself there is now a 500GB hard disk, while the extended disk space is always nice to have its well known that this can actually be managed yourself so still not a “must have” feature. In my opinion Sony may have missed a chance here by bringing back PS2 compatibility, but this is something that is probably long past dead now with only people who own the original model having this luxury.

The problem Sony face with this is that they are going to struggle to get gamers attention with this. For people who don’t have a PS3 yet, it does look nice and may make them think about buying it, but with no change in the pricing structure at the moment it still does make you wonder just why people will want it? Most will probably choose to wait for PS4 news which will still be some way off and maybe buy this if they need a new unit when their old PS3 finally gives up the ghost. If this is anything it’s a final good bye to a very good console system.

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