“So eventually the Deceiver you say, tricked a man or woman into doing evil and obeying him and then spread the darkness though mankind? That’s very convenient and probably not that unlikely, except that I can still see no reason to believe in a malevolent being that is the commander of evil and darkness.” Sem concluded.

The old man smiled, “I know for you it is hard to believe. We all want to believe that we are in control of our own destiny. And we are in control as long as we are aware of the nature of the path we are choosing and who or what we are following. To be filled with the power of the Light you must seek the Light and all that is good, but this in turn means you must be able to recognise the path leading to darkness. We must become aware of these choices as they are offered to us. If there was no commander of the darkness, then the paths to darkness would open randomly before us, but this is not what happens, instead darkness is offered at every turn. If you listen you will hear both the Source and the Enemy speak to your soul. However, like proving the nature of the Source it is difficult to prove the existence of the Enemy. But it is not, to my mind, impossible to show substantial evidence. We have already spoken of much of the evidence, the rest comes with experience.”

Sem stood up and stretched his legs, “I guess you are referring to our previous discussion about the evil tendencies of human kind.”

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“Yes, that is exactly what I am referring to. Our personal and corporate tendencies to do evil is not natural, so there is only one other option, a spiritual influence.”

“Yes,” Sem responded, “A spiritual influence, the influence that comes from others. It is our reaction to hurt that others do to us. Evil breeds evil does it not.”

“True, True. That can explain much. You are referring to the battle for control that occurs between us when we selfishly try to take the life energy from others to feed ourselves. When we act in accord with darkness and take energy from others it creates the hunger of darkness in them, driving them to feed on others also. But what results from such behaviour as it spreads?”

“I’m not sure? Chaos.”

“Exactly my friend, Chaos. A melee of disorder where individual attacks individual and the tribe is divided. A wise young man once said, ‘A house divided cannot stand.’ Why is it then that Evil today stands strong even though it works against the Light in society. Even now this society desires more than rules and structure and seeks the freedom to radiate Light to those that lack it, the enemy manoeuvres to stop this and gain full control of society. The strategy of evil is organised against us, not haphazard and chaotic, although chaos is one of its disguises. And this is the evidence that the Dark Prince rules amongst us, for without him we would have no battle in this world, for the house of darkness would fall under the weight of its own disorder.”

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“But how can he rule if chaos is the consequence of the division that darkness causes amongst us.”

“The hunger that darkness creates within us is under the control of the Deceiver he can direct that hunger in the way that he wishes in order to achieve his purpose. War on earth is a perfect example. Wars are created when the Enemy directs the hunger and desire for control towards toward the house of our neighbour creating, a perceived enemy without. While we are trying to dominate them we are blinded to the Enemy within that blunders both our houses taking our light and power for his purposes. The Deceiver can direct the hunger of the world against those that are his greatest threat. He can even at times, in his adversaries, direct the malice of darkness inwards leaving chaos to do it’s work. Where he succeeds even great sages and heroes, those whose Fire was once strongest, become his slaves driven by the desires of darkness and chaos.”

“But how, how can he do that? How can he direct our desires, our hungers?”

“With words.” The old man smiled simply.

“Words? Great so after all that the demon does just whisper in our ear.”

“Yes, you could put it that way.”

“Well, I can’t believe that its too clique. I don’t hear no demon speaking to me and if I did I certainly wouldn’t listen.”

“That Sem, is a fair enough conclusion. But, even spoken words of a man or woman have the power to manipulate others. But Spiritual words. That which is spoken in the language of the spirit has much greater power for they operate from a greater reality than this world. First I must show you the true power of the spoken word. Then perhaps you will perceive that which is spoken through the unseen.”

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