We invest hugely on our computers and laptops. We innately have the quality of protecting each of the instruments with good care inorder to ensure its longevity. Computers and laptops do not only require physical care but they should be protected from all the possible dangers. Since we are online 24/7, we tend to browse n number of websites on day to day basis by which there is a chance of downloading malwares, viruses into our desktop PCs, computers and laptops. Once the system is corrupted by malwares or viruses it becomes a tough job to retrieve the information stored. It becomes mandatory to protect our systems using anti-virus software to avoid the unnecessary consequences. If you are looking for best anti-virussoftwares for windows here is the comprehensive list of top 5 anti-virus softwares for your assistance.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Kaspersky internet security is the most widely used anti-virus software for computer systems using windows OS. In the AV-Test analysis test, Kaspersky internet security showed best results in removing malwares and viruses from various harmful internet websites. If you are looking for best fit, cost effective anti-virus security system for your laptops and computers which runs in windows, our primary suggestion is Kaspersky internet security

VIPRE Antivirus – this is the most awarded antivirus windows software. VIPRE antivirus windows software is globally accredited and used by millions of users. VIPR antivirus software certified to be the best antivirus software for windows systems. You could get the edge of working in a malware free computer system by using this exceptional windows antivirus software.

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Norton Internet Security – Norton internet security is also the most important antivirus software when it comes to windows systems. It has excellent performance and Norton internet security products are always striving to improve, get better and better year on year. This antivirus software is the best bet if you are looking for windows antivirus softwares that provide excellent performance in detecting malwares, viruses and removing them effectively.

Zone alarm extreme prevention –This antivirus software is worthful in all it means. Zone alarm extreme security is most preferred antivirus software by most of the windows PC, laptop users worldwide. This software has specialized security systems in terms of malware detection and removal as well as intrusion prevention mechanism. Zone alarm extreme prevention assist in obtaining online backup of data and it comes with whole drive encryption for data protection. You could retrieve the data even in case of your computer is lost or stolen.

AVG Internet Security – This is one of the most widely used, efficient antivirus software for windows computers. AVG internet security is highly powerful when it comes to online malware detection and removal. If your browsing activity is very less than email accessing, you could always go for AVG internet security which gives complete protection against malwares downloaded or passed via emails. AVG internet security antivirus softwares do a pretty well job in new or existing malware detection and removal. Since it is user friendly with good performance, you could try AVG internet security for guarding against malwares, viruses and other harmful factors.

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