I remember very well the day I put my jenny hancock on the dotted line of Home Party Plan Company ABC that I chosen to join. I have always been a fan of the health and wellness industry. I had looked over the numbers, I was aware of the health crises that was upon us. The time was ripe! Everything looked great on paper, and when you receive your box of goodies by the courier its like Christmas. Very exciting.

Have you been in the same situation? Know someone who has had this happen?

Party plan is usually directed at stay at home moms. It provides a way of earning some money and having the pleasure of working your own hours and also spending quality time with your children.

Rule #1: Thou Shalt Have A Monthly Budget

In order to do party plan you must have some financial backing behind you. A monthly budget of $300-$500 is ideal. Either have a small amount, at least up to $1000.00 put away or you must still have a job. Building up your home party plan business, does cost a little bit of money.


Have car, will travel. The reality of party plan is that you will travel. You are doing home parties for people, who invite ten friends. Some of their friends may have traveled from an outer suburb to get there, they book a home party. You find yourself driving forty minutes to do your next demonstration. People at that party may have traveled to get to that party, you find yourself doing parties in suburbs you have never been to before.

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You must have a reliable car, one that won’t overheat in traffic when on the way to a demonstration. Keep it serviced, have safe tyres.

Be prepared for high fuel costs. This blog will help you cut down costs and travel mostly to see your accountant and receive your recognition awards! We are going to work on having the prospects come to your for a change.

Rule #3 Invest In Yourself

10 hours of training and self development per week is the norm. You are the asset to your company. Without you they couldn’t do as well. Also spend time learning about something you do not know!

Rule #4 The Fortune is in the Follow Up

I know, I know, very fortune cookie of me! CUSTOMER SERVICE is where it’s at! You want repeat business. Follow up with all your home party sales customers who have purchased from you that she received her order, whether they are pleased with their products. A good way to keep in touch I have found is through postcards. Contact, if at all possible each of your customers 3-6 months after the original sale to see if they require more product. It is a good idea to advise all people at the individual party that you are going to do this.

Rule #5: Party like a Rock Star!

Gals just wanna have fun. Make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Don’t take yourself too seriously! For more on how to maximize your success, Home Party Plan Success Tips is a wonderful resource.

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