The hash tag came to fame mostly through Twitter. In Twitter it’s easy to make a statement in a post and put a hash tag on it, and suddenly more people than are following you can see it. This is because the hash tag acts like a keyword in your post and allows people to search against it. Clicking on the hash tag will then take them to anybody else who has used it. It’s almost instantly a way to get your point across to the wider audience.

Whether it’s on a popular show or a game people are playing or even a product or a business these hash tags can be very powerful and actually are used on more than one type of social media, for example Pinterest is another site that uses them. Some people don’t get the point of using them but others, like people who know SEO understand that power of reaching out to people who are on the search.

The Power of the Hash Tag
The first tip that can be given about the hash tag is to look at what the trending topics are before you post. If there is already a hash tag for what you want to post then use that hash tag, why? Because chances are it’s already got user searching by it. This means somebody else has already done half of the work for you in creating that searchable term. If you don’t see the hash tag in the trending topics then do a quick search on it just to be sure. Then of course if it’s still not there you are free to create your own.

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One of the most important things to remember is that the hash tag is very open to people to read. If you are writing something to promote your company for example think about the tone of your words and use it as an advertisement. This is a way to promote yourself and possibly gain more followers so use the power of the hash tag well and understand its power. In the same way don’t always pick a popular hash tag at random just in the thought of gaining more exposure, be sure you know exactly what the topic is, you don’t want to offend your followers by catching their interest with a hash tag that can be offensive to people. This is something that can often occur without care due to the nature of social media itself.

Social media, especially Twitter is fun and very powerful when it comes to promotion, SEO and exposure of yourself as an interesting person to follow but it has to be used wisely. Make the most of your tweets and use of hash tags and you’ll find that you can use Twitter to your own benefit while still having fun with it.